Monday, March 19, 2012

Cars, food, children’s toys, even hair cuts have warranties. Does carpet have a warranty?

There are dozens of carpet brands. All of those brands have similar warranties that cover typical life dilemmas. From fading and fiber abrasion, to pet accidents and manufacture defects, MOHAWK is one of the most highly recognized and trusted consumer flooring brands, along with STAINMASTER.
The most common carpet warranty restriction is how often you professionally clean them. Every 18 – 24 months is the limited guideline. If you do not keep your cleaning receipts, do not bother to file a claim.

“A 10 Year Ware Warranty is offered by most carpet makers,” your sales person states. Do they mention the conditions of this warranty? The conditions often require that you lose 10% of the fiber, and that if you have an area of the carpet that has lost 10% of its face weight, the mill, under the 10 year warranty, the manufacturer is only obligated to replace the 10% lost.
If a manufacturer claims they have a stain warranty, it’s best to ask them what kind of stain. Most will tell you the warranty excludes non-food and non-beverage items, along with substances that will change the color of the carpet. It’s best to ask them to explain further or give you a list of substances. A spray on protectant will help keep stains from penetrating into the fibers, but beware of protectant cancelling out your warranty.

Last but no least, do your home work on the businesses installation warranty. Make sure the warranty, is a true manufacture warranty and not just a warranty through the company you are purchasing from. Remember to keep your original flooring invoice, a copy of the sample label (from retailer) and cleaning receipts. It’s also a good idea to keep small remnants for future repairs or carpet replacement.

Brought to you by; @KimMahlin, Office/Marketing Administrator, San Diego Zerorez, Inc.